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Mount Protector : 32oz


Mount Protector is a MUST HAVE for every mount owner and is part of the Mount Medix LLC “Simple as 1,2,3” taxidermy preservation program. Mount Protector is formulated to clean, protect and renew taxidermy. The product allows cleaning to be very easy, simply completely moisten all surfaces of the mount and wipe with a soft towel. After cleaning and drying the mount will have been returned to its original condition, with renewed luster and sheen, without looking wet or oily. Most importantly, Mount Protector will provide deterrence for insect infestation when used for routine semi-annual cleaning. Mount Protector will leave the mount smelling fresh and clean.

Mount Protector can be used on most mount surfaces, including hair, feather, antler, horns, hoof, paws and even habitat. When used in conjunction with other Mount Saver products, Mount Protector can provide years of worry free protection against insect infestation. Note: We do not recommend using Mount Protector on fish without testing its compatibility with the clear coats and finishes on the fish prior to

Mount Medix LLC “Simple as 1,2,3..” taxidermy preservation program is comprised of Step 1 - glue additive, Step 2 – Hide Pre-Soak and Step 3 – Mount Protector. When using this program, you can count on years of insect free mounts. The program costs form of very inexpensive insurance to protect and preserve valuable trophies.

Mount Protector is available in 12 ounce and 32 ounce sizes. Mount Protector is also available to professional taxidermist at wholesale prices (Case Quantities Only, Please call to inquire about this program).

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