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Mount Saver Powder Net weight 12 oz


Mount Saver Powder is specially formulated to be used in dry applications to deter insect infestation. The powder carries the same insect repelling agents as other Mount Medix LLC products but is formulated as an insoluble powder that will not dissolve or dissipate during processing. To use, simply sprinkle onto areas where insect protection is required. Uses: Bird Taxidermy- Formulated to replace borax in bird taxidermy. Apply enough powder to coat the skin. Add 1/2 cup of powder for every dry gallon of material in your tumbler. For Horns- Liberally apply to the inside of the cavities after all tissue is removed and before reattachment to the core. Habitats- Use to dust habitat areas, like moss, grass and dirt, to prevent insect infestation. Hide Storage- Can be used for tanned or salted skins that are being stored.

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