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Glue Additive, Mount Saver™ 16 oz


Mount Saver Glue Additive is the first step in the Mount Medix LLC “Simple as 1,2,3” long-term taxidermy insect infestation protection program. The Mount Saver Glue Additive is simple mixed into the glue at a rate of 1.5% by weight (Cheat sheets are included in each shipment to determine the proper amount of additive for specific needs) For example use 8 ounces of Mount Saver Glue Additive to 25 a pound Dextrin glue kit and required water.

The Mount Saver Glue Additive is compatible with all common taxidermy adhesives. The Glue Additive can be used with pastes, two-part epoxies and glues without changing the set-up/dry-time or the adhesion properties of the adhesives.

Mount Medix LLC “Simple as 1,2,3..” taxidermy preservation program is comprised of Step 1 - glue additive, Step 2 – Hide Pre-Soak and Step 3 – Mount Protector. When using this program, you can count on years of insect free mounts. The program costs form of very inexpensive insurance to protect and preserve valuable trophies.

Mount Saver Glue Additive is available is 16 and 32 ounce containers.

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