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Mount Saver™ Hoof & Horn : 16oz


Mount Saver Hoof & Horn


Mount Saver Hoof & Horn is just as effective as the original Mount Saver product, but has been formulated to penetrate into the hidden tissue areas in and around the hooves and horns on the mounts. These tissue areas are very often the main attractant to the infesting insects and will be the first areas to be damaged. Mount Medix recognizes this as a serious problem and provides Hoof & Horn as an oil based penetrating formulation to be injected into areas when soft tissue may be hidden and impossible to access.


Hoof & Horn can be used as infestation eliminator or a preventive treatment. Many expensive large mammal mounts may have small amount of inaccessible tissue in hard to reach areas such as hooves, horns, and paws that need treatment. If residual tissue is present, the mounts may eventually become infested by moths or dermestids. Mount Saver Hoof & Horn can be injected into the tissue areas and will migrate through the tissue killing any insects, regardless of the lifecycle stage of the insect. Mount Medix LLC also recommends using Hoof & Horn in a proactive preventative application into any problematic tissue areas during mount preparation to help prevent possible infestation.


Mount Saver Hoof & Horn is available in a ready to use formulation, in both pint and quart sizes.


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